This breathtakingly, beautiful site is flooded with schools of fish and is one of the best dive sites in Kenya. The MFV Funguo wreck, a fishing trawler, was initially sunk on 21st February 2002 and measures 45m in length. The top lies roughly at 18m with the base lying at around 27m, meaning this fantastic dive site can be accessed by many recreational divers.

MFV Funguo is located just off of our dive base on Diani Beach and takes only 15 minutes to get to. This wreck was salvaged and purposely sunk by our Dive Centre, Diving The Crab, over 15 years ago. Today, it is known as one of the top dive sites in Kenya and home to masses of fish and macro life.

Garden Eels, Gobies and shrimps surround the base of our wreck, sneaking their heads in and out of the sand. Barracuda, Sweetlips, Fusilier, Batfish, Snappers and Trevallies accumulate in large schools at the top of our wreck and camouflaged well against our wreck, you can find; scorpion fish, leaf fish and frogfish. Other residents include the Giant Moray Eel, Giant Thorny Stingray, Lionfish and if you are lucky… whale sharks!

Those wishing to dive this beautiful wreck must have a qualification that allows them to dive to 30m – Advanced Open Water or the Deep Adventure Dive certification. Enriched Air Nitrox is highly recommended to enjoy a longer bottom time to get the most out of this dive site, however, it is not mandatory.