Day Trip to Chale Island

Diving at Chale Island

A short boat trip from Diani Beach, Chale Island is a private island divided into two sections; The Chale Island Resort and the sacred Kaya Forest. The Island contains vast amounts of coastal forest including Mangroves, as well as being home to some of the tallest trees in Africa. This magical island is ringed by white sandy beaches, warm tropical waters, and an abundance of fish life spread amongst our unspoilt coral reefs.

The Island offers a wide range of activities, both water- and land-based. Situated right by the waters with our very own fleet of boats, is our dive centre. It is a small centre which focuses primarily on the guests staying on the island however, excursions can be arranged to and from Chale for those staying on the mainland.

Chale is known for its spectacular shallow reefs that drop down to around 30m and best of all Whale sharks! Although these magnificent creatures can be spotted all along our coastline, Chale tends to be a hotspot for catching more than one at a time.

Since we are the only dive centre on the island, groups are kept small, perfect for those who love the peace and serenity the diving brings. New divers, only just getting into the diving world and slightly more nervous, are welcome to dive the shallow reefs situated only a couple minutes from shore.

Our well trained, passionate staff are always there to ensure your time is spent well. For those wishing to embark on any other water sport excursions-simply ask and you shall receive.