The only way to improve your knowledge and skills is to just get out there and go for it. Combining these courses gives you a wider understanding, more experience and the opportunity to find out what kind of diving you truly enjoy.

  • Open Water Diver + Advanced Open Water
  • Open Water Diver + Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Advanced Open Water + Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Open Water Diver + Advanced Open Water + Enriched Air Nitrox


It all begins with the Open Water Diver. Why not slip in the advanced after the Open Water or even the Enriched Air Nitrox? Aside from the obvious fact that they are cheaper once combined, but the Advanced Course allows you to go deeper and experience a whole new world with caves, wrecks and various others. It contains several speciality courses such as Photography, Fish ID, Search and Recovery etc.

The Enriched Air Nitrox, on the other hand, is a major draw for divers as it increases dive times, allowing for longer dives and a reduction in risk of getting decompression sickness. If you’d like to make your time in Kenya’s incredible underwater world even more enjoyable, Nitrox offers just the ticket with the chance to lengthen and enhance your diving experience.

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