The team at Diving the Crab has an incredible passion for diving and the marine world and loves to encourage these passions in others. As part of this, Diving the Crab has sponsored a number of like-minded individuals from the surrounding community to join the team and develop their skills.

Many of our PADI Dive Masters and Instructors have come from our surrounding community, having worked their way up the ranks, giving their time and enthusiasm in lieu of tuition fees. Once certified, the recruits either stay on at the Crab or join other Dive centres – sharing their skills, knowledge, and love of diving.

One of our team, for example, approached Diving the Crab back in 2006. Although he had no knowledge of diving, his passion for the ocean was extremely evident. Since then he has climbed the ladder and stands today, as one of our most professional, hard-working Dive Masters.

Alongside the Crab’s marine science centre, our community of divers and visitors from around the world, we continue to promote a balanced and passionate work ethic, to resonate for years to come.