As mentioned before, our unspoilt coral reefs are a Macro Lover’s Dream.

Although macro life can be found anywhere, we have particular sites where we can pretty much guarantee a find.

Igloo Reef

This site is known particularly for its various species of Lion fish. Their habitat consists of rocky corals that shelter smaller fish and other plant life. Camouflaged nearby are countless amounts of Scorpion Fish. South of our mooring line but hidden within the rocky corals are the different kinds of Hinge-Beak and Cleaner shrimps, with the occasional Moray Eel popping in for quick scrub. Other common residents to the area include the Leaf fish, Glass Fish, multiple Nudibranchs and if you can spot them-frogfish and ghost pipefish.


Yet another fantastic macro site! Located around what we call the ‘Cleaning Station,’ is the Lindas Flatworm – one of the most beautiful flatworms of all. For those with an eye for macro fish, Hermit Crabs, Leaf Fish, and Scorpion Fish located along the base of our cleaning station. Galu is a site known for the slightly rarer fish like our Paddled Flap Scorpion Fish, Weedy Scorpion Fish and Dragon Eels. It’s not often we find the incredible species, so take your time to admire their beauty.

Alpha Funguo Wreck

Our wreck site is known for its large abundance of fish schools but it is also a macro lover’s dream. All along the sandy bottom you can find Garden Eels, Flounders, Shrimps and Gobies. Disguised on the wreck itself are Scorpion Fish, Nudibranchs and multiple species of the Benny.

Once again, fantastic sights can be found at every dive site. It requires a certain kind of eye and patience to spot some of the smaller species, and our guides are also on hand to help. For those interested in macro photography, pop on over to these sites in particular and let us know what you find!