The season is here!

It’s that time of year again where we can find the largest fish in the ocean. Join us for 2 Discover Dives to learn about these amazing creatures. Aboard our boat will be a Marine Biologist to assist you with information about their migratory patterns, behaviours you may see, and how you can successfully identify them as individuals.

So what are Diving the Crab’s Discover Dives?

Every 2 weeks, the Marine Education Centre’s Marine Biologist will accompany us on board our boat. During the surface interval they will tell us more about the amazing creatures found within our coastal ecosystems and the ocean as we know, the heart of the planet, covering 71% of its surface, and encompassing 90% of living space for all life!

Just last week on Valentine’s day we had the ‘Discover Underwater Romance Dive’ during which we learnt about the fascinating relationships between species and how they can be mutually beneficial to one another. Dive guides were then able to point out the underwater couples during their second dive for divers to witness these incredible behaviours themselves.

We can never guarantee sightings, although it is the season for them, it is just a matter of keeping our fingers crossed. However, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the biggest fish in the sea, so grab your dive gear, grab your cameras and pop on down to join us on 25th February for 2 adventurous dives.

Use this as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and any questions you have will happily be answered by our Marine Biologist.

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Next Discover Dive: Discover Coral Dive on 10th March.