A few years ago, we attempted to create an underwater ‘bubble.’ A bubble that was planned for divers to swim inside and take a quick breath. Unfortunately, the physics behind it all, was completely miss-calculated and the project ended up as a failed one.

None the less, Igloo is bustling with macro life. It is one of our top macro sites and has been nominated as dive site of the month due to its new residents-the Weedy Scorpionfish. Alongside the Weedy, our divers have had some incredible encounters with swarms of harmless jelly fish and on the odd occasion, dolphins.

The Weedy Scorpionfish are classified as rare because of their camouflage abilities. They are covered in weed-like appendages, tentacles on the nose and our covered in skin flaps. They belong to the family of Scorpaenidaes. These creatures are usually found south of our mooring line and we tend to spot a maximum of three at a time. Usually, where there is one, there is always another…
For those who wish to know what else can be found at this magnificent site, please check the video below.