Once again, a dive site for the month has been chosen – MFV Alpha Funguo Wreck! It is a fishing trawler that was initially sunk on 21st February 2002 and measures 45m in length. This incredible dive site hosted our first Whale shark this year.

It is incredibly popular thanks to its rich diversity. Garden Eels, Gobies and shrimps surround the base of our wreck, sneaking their heads in and out of the sand. Barracuda, Sweetlips, Fusilier, Batfish, Snappers, and Trevallies accumulate in large schools at the top of our wreck and camouflaged well against our wreck, you can find; scorpion fish, leaf fish, and frogfish. Other residents include the Giant Moray Eel, Giant Thorny Stingray, Lionfish, and whale sharks.

A dive site worth seeing on a visit to Kenya! Check out the video below to witness it’s a beauty!