With gentle currents running through the month of October, Dzinani, with its aesthetically beautiful contrast of landscapes, became the most mentioned as it is superb for both regular and drift diving for all experiences. Aside from its beauty, it has been labelled as Dive site of the month due to the number of dolphins sighted from the boat.

Dzinani is known for its necklace of coral reefs which lie in white sand and offer an attractive contrast of landscapes with each of the reefs containing its own unique beauty. Accumulating around those coral reefs are large schools of Sweetlips, Fusilier and a variety of different Sweepers. Peering out of the sand are the well-camouflaged fevers of stingray, flounders, pistol shrimps and gobies-companions of the pistol shrimps. Those with the eyes of a hawk can find plenty of macro life such as Leaf fish, Nudibranchs, Scorpionfish amongst the corals.

Accessible from all 3 of our dive centres-Dzinani is one of the favourites. It’s large coral reefs start between 9-12m and gently slope down to around 22m. Its unique characteristics makes it ideal for beginner and advanced divers, and only a 25-minute boat ride.