Dolphins in Diani Beach

Recently we have had some incredible dolphin sightings from the boat and underwater, which gives us the perfect opportunity to tell you all about these amazing creatures-the most common being the Bottlenose followed by Humpback and Spinner dolphins.

Did you know that dolphins have two stomachs or that they give themselves names? It has been scientifically proven that they develop and create their own individual whistles, which are recognised by themselves and many other dolphins.

When it comes to protecting themselves from predators, they will only rest half their brains whilst the other is high on alert. Dolphins need an average of 8 hours of sleep-4 hours for the right side of their brain and another 4 hours for the left side of their brain. The side of the brain that is awake keeps one eye open to ensure the pod is still around and no predators are lurking.

In Diani, Bottlenose dolphins are regularly spotted on the surface, usually found during the diver’s surface interval. It is always such a treat to site them, especially when it all fun and games racing the dive boats.