Diving the Crab are at the forefront of conservation and environmental awareness on Kenya’s south coast, and in particular in Diani Beach.
As a scuba diving centre, we are obviously very passionate about the underwater world and protecting Kenya’s reefs, but our commitment, to helping reduce carbon footprints extends well beyond this. We are working together with our local Marine Education Centre on a number of initiatives:

Beach clean ups:

Beach clean ups are organized on a regular basis. With huge support from our local community, we manage to cover a distance of 20km on Diani Beach and collect an average of 1.8 tonnes of trash with each one.

Recycling initiatives:

Located around our diving centre are several bins, all specifically labelled to make recycling easy. Plastic bottles are banned from our centre meaning water provided to our guests, are in re-usable aluminium bottles.

Green Fin rule:

Before embarking on any kind of excursion, guests are briefed on what we call the ‘Green Fin Rule’ – a concept aimed at preventing people from damaging our beautiful reefs. Along with that, we highly encourage individuals to take part in our various Project Aware Speciality courses that we offer.

Marine Education Centre

All of our guests are encouraged to visit the Marine Education Centre for further awareness on some of the south coast’s special inhabitants such as turtles and whalesharks.

Going Digital:

Diving the Crab has committed to going digital. This will undoubtedly reduce the large amounts of paper waste produced by dive centres worldwide.

We are dedicated – not only to providing outstanding customer service, but on ideas of how we can positively impact our environment…

“We know that when we protect our oceans we’re protecting our future.”