Scuba diving is an incredible experience, that allows you to explore amazing new environments and discover a beautiful underwater world. However, choosing the best way to get started isn’t always easy. Here at Diving the Crab we have gone through the 3 most common ways people start diving and broken them down into a short and simple review – to help you make that choice.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course

Duration: 1 afternoon + 1 morning (over 2 days)
Minimum age: 10 years

The DSD is a fantastic introductory course for those with limited time. This is not a certification, but a one-time experience with a scuba instructor. You will do an afternoon session with basic dive theory and a few skills in the swimming pool. The following day you will be able to head out for 2 fun dives with your Instructor at a depth no deeper than 12m.
For those wishing to start their Open Water Course within 12 months after completing their DSD, this experience can be credited.

PADI Scuba Diver Course

Duration: 2½ days
Minimum age: 10 years

The Scuba Diver Course is the first step to receiving a certification. It is for those who wish to begin their Open Water Course but have limited time. In other words, the Scuba Diver Course is literally the first few days of the Open Water certification course.

With this course; you will begin your first day with theory, second day with pool skills and final day with diving in the open ocean. Upon completion, you will receive a certification that allows you to dive no deeper than 12m. Later on, you can decide to continue this toward a full Open Water Diver certification.

PADI Open Water Course

Duration: 4 days
Minimum age: 10 years

The classic SCUBA certification, Open Water diver, will allow you to dive independently- the world over. Theory, pool sessions, 4 open water dives, and a final exam, all under the supervision of your instructor. Afterwards, you can dive up to 18 meters with another certified diver.

Junior divers of 10 and 11 years old are limited to a depth of 12m. From 12-14 years old, they can go up to 18 meters with an adult diver.

The schedule for this course is as follows:
Day 1: Morning of theory and afternoon of pool skills
Day 2: Morning of theory and afternoon of pool skills
Day 3: Morning Open water dive 1 and 2
Day 4: Morning Dives 3 and 4

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