From wreck sites to marine parks – Kenya’s crystal waters are world-famous for the fantastic coral reefs and a large variety of marine species, with many of Kenya’s best dive sites within easy reach of Diving the Crab.

Like much of the Indian Ocean, Kenya’s diving is heavily influenced by the seasons, with different sites to be enjoyed at different times of the year. Kenya’s waters offer temperatures ranging from 25C in August to 30C in March with an average of 28C throughout the year. May and June are known as the wettest months whereby, July and August are known to have the strongest winds.

High Season – October to March

The most popular time of the year to scuba dive in Kenya is from October to March. During this time, we receive spectacular, pristine conditions with visibility reaching up to 30m. The waters are at there calmest and the possibility to encounter whale sharks are higher than ever. It is the time of year when the whale sharks and dolphins thrive across our waters – a fantastic opportunity for all divers – from beginners to experts.

Low Season – May to July

May and June are known to be the low season due to the heavy rain, with visibility conditions dropping through to July. However, it is an ideal time to complete ALL scuba diving Courses. Take it as an opportunity to complete the necessary courses ready for when the high season hits. For beginners, it is an opportunity to experience diving with fewer people and fewer interruptions.