As mentioned before, our unspoiled coral reefs are a Macro Lover’s Dream. Our sites are swarmed with creatures of lesser stature that master the technique of disguise. Catching sight of these petite and well-camouflaged fish can be extremely rewarding for divers.

Although macro life can be found anywhere, we have particular sites where we can pretty much guarantee a find.


This site is known especially for its huge pinnacle with schools of glassfish. All around them, ambush predators such as Bearded Scorpionfish, Leaffish or Stonefish are waiting for their time to hunt. Also Moray-eels, red Snappers and even Groupers are coming above and use it as a cleaning station. Cleaner-wrasses, different kinds of Hinge-Beak and Cleaner shrimps are always ready to give a quick scrub. Other common residents to the area include multiple Nudibranchs and Flatworms.


Yet another fantastic macro site! Located around what we call the ‘Cleaning Station,’ is the Lindas Flatworm-one of the most beautiful flatworms of all. For those with an eye for macro fish can easily spot the Hermit crabs, Leaf fish, and Scorpion Fish located along the base of our cleaning station. Galu is a site known for the slightly rarer fish such as the Paddled Flap Scorpion Fish, Weedy scorpionfish and Dragon Eels. It’s not often we find the incredible species, so take your time to admire their beauty.


As an underwater peninsula, Kinondo is a huge dive site where macro-life shares space with bigger fish. Offering beautiful coral formations, sand patches, small caves and a nice drop-off, macro lovers will be delighted to find different kinds of Flatworms and Nudibranchs, blue Tang hiding in Acropora, Dragonnets, Sandperch, periclimenes or squat Shrimps and of course all kind of Scorpenidae.

Once again, the creatures of lesser stature can be found at every dive site. It requires a certain kind of eye and patience to find them. For those interested in macro photography, pop on over to these sites in particular and let us know what you find!