The Scorpionadae Family are known as ambush predators dwelling on the ocean’s bottom. They are the master of disguise and tend to blend in with their surroundings. The family includes, amongst others the lion fish, scorpion fish, stone fish and leaf fish.

The leaf fish, is a popular find for scuba divers in Kenya, is literally as flat as a leaf. These species come in all sorts of colours and are known to shed their skin to remove algae as well as invertebrates. This is a trait shared by the majority of the Scorpionadae family. Shedding occurs fairly often, sometimes even weekly, and species such as the leaf fish, change colour upon completion.

Stone fish are the most camouflaged of the family and allow algae to grown on their sides, giving them that perfect ‘stone-like’ disguise. They dwell on the oceans floor and have the patience to wait up to several hours before ambushing their prey.

One of the most eye-grabbing species of this family is the weedy scorpion fish. Far rarer than the others and more of a challenge to spot. These unique beauties have indeed been spotted along our reefs and it is said that ‘where there is one, there is always another close by’.

The Scorpionadae family are an attraction for most scuba divers and some of our dive sites are home to certain species in particular. Igloo Reef for example, contains a variety of different lion fish. Our wreck is known for its scorpion fish and Kisima Mungu offers chances to find leaf fish and stone fish. The slightly rarer weedy scorpion fish and paddle flap scorpion fish are mostly spotted at our site Galu, also known as the ‘turtle hotspot’.

It takes a trained eye to spot these magnificent creatures. Our experiencesd guides are well trained and can spot them from a mile away. If you have what it takes to spot them, then come on down and prove it to us!