Are you a Scuba Diver? Have you invested in your own Scuba Gear? Have you dreamt of travelling to beautiful, deep blue tropical waters but are concerned about not being able to travel light with your gear?

We all know the difficulties of travelling light at the same time as wanting to dive in the comfort of your own gear. So we have placed together a few options to assist you when travelling to us at Diving the Crab.

  • First check with your airline, it’s quite possible that you can bring all your scuba equipment for free. (please do not bring your own tank and weights!)
  • The most important and easiest piece of equipment you should carry is your own dive computer. The second would be mask, snorkel and wetsuit. Regulator and then BCD, all of this in order of importance for your own personal comfort.

We think you should know: with our local technicians at hand, we are known for maintaining our dive gear in proper conditions. All scuba gear, aside from the computers, is included in our prices. Those wishing to rent a computer can do so for an extra 5 Euros!

We provide both Air (21% O2) and Nitrox. Nitrox is free (for divers who are Enriched Air certified). Our tanks can take both International (Yoke) and DIN regulator systems.

Our Equipment and their Brands:


  • Closed Heel Fins

Free Shark

  • Wetsuits (all 5mm shorty’s)
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD’s)
  • Open Heel Fins (For those with their own Booties as we do not provide Booties)
  • Dive Bags and Weight Belts


  • Regulators
  • Masks and Snorkels
  • Optical Masks ranging from -5 to 8
  • Leonardo Dive Computers
  • Compass
  • Torches (available for rent)

To make it easier for your travels, we also provide a discount for those who bring their own BCD and Regulator set (this discount is available only for a complete regulator set & BCD). All other necessary gear is happily provided by us.