Our PADI 5-star centre offers several different Specialty Courses. These courses help develop you as a diver and will enable to get even more out of your underwater exploration.

Wreck Specialty

There is no doubt that this is the most rewarding specialty when it comes to adventure. Wrecks are the ultimate symbol of exploration underwater. This course teaches you how to penetrate appropriate wrecks safely so that you can often fully explore inside and out and delve into the history of the wreck.

Deep Specialty

A highly recommend course which certifies you to dive to 40m. It a course that assists divers in becoming more aware of their surroundings and opens up a whole variety of new dive sites. Having this certification will bring you a step closer to exploring the deeper seas. Deeper seas with wrecks, caves and several spectacular reefs.

Nitrox Specialty

Nitrox air contains a lower percentage of Nitrogen and a higher percentage of oxygen- allowing for extended bottom time. It is the ideal course for those wishing to explore wrecks, reefs and various other sites, for a longer period of time.

Search and Recovery Specialty

A valuable course which teaches you special techniques on how to search and recover lost items. Various search patterns are used and are specific to dive conditions. Learning to recover a lost item in all kinds of dive conditions is a highly valuable skill!

Photography and videography

A course that teaches you the tricks and trades of a camera. Learn to accomplish all buoyancy techniques to get the right position for capturing those memories. An ideal course to capture sharp yet wonderful memories to display to all friends and family.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Evidently clear…this course plays a key role in learning to improve your buoyancy. Learn to hover in various positions with ease. Completing this specialty improves your control underwater, often meaning that your air consumption will improve and your diving experience will be even better.