A New Year is just around the corner! On behalf of the Marine Educational Centre and Diving the Crab, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, with a few tips on how you can become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Christmas tip no.1:
Choose an upcycled gift over purchasing something new – or better yet, make one yourself!
Big or small, there are so many great ideas out there; check out the images below for inspiration!

Christmas tip number two:
Put together a sustainable gift pack to start the new year – and a new decade, in style!
Everyday items such as bags, bottles, cups, toothbrushes, and more which all have a limited life span can be made from products which have a reduced environmental impact when discarded, or which can be recycled easily after use.
What designs will you choose?

Tip three for a sustainable Christmas:
Choose your menu carefully!
How was your seafood caught?
How was your meat produced?
How were your vegetables grown?
Check your local sustainable seafood guidelines, choose free-range animal products, and look for organically grown crops this season!

Christmas tip four:
Look out for packaging!
This could be single-use non-recyclable packaging on your purchases, packaging on your deliveries, or even the packaging you choose regarding how you wrap your gift!
Choose biodegradable packaging options this festive season!

Tip five for this Christmas:
Choose a gift for the conservation of wildlife or the environment!
Plant a tree, adopt an endangered animal, buy a product made from ocean trash – there are so many options out there!

Christmas tip six:
Choose your gifts of toiletries, cosmetics and other beauty products with the environment in mind!
Look at the label to see what they contain and choose those with biodegradable packaging options!

Our final Christmas tip for this season:
Choose an experience over an item!
Give the gift of being in nature! Make lifetime memories!
But remember to consider how you travel to and from these places; choose the options with the lower carbon footprint!