Every diver has a bucket-list of creatures they would love to see. Diving the Crab has pulled together some top tips to help you make the most out of your diving experiences and have the best chance of spotting your bucket-list creatures.

Do your homework

    • Get to know a species characteristics such as their size and colour.


    • Find out their preferred habitat; do they prefer corals, sand or to hover mid-water?


    • Do they use camouflage as a technique to ambush prey or to hide from other predators?


    Have they developed a symbiotic relationship with other species such as the groupers and moray eels? In other words, if you see one species then have a look around for the other.

Control your buoyancy and Dive slowly

    The slower you dive, the better the chances of finding anything. It is also ideal to complete a Peak Performance Buoyancy course to be able to hover in various positions. Getting low and hovering upside down can be very useful when checking inside small cracks and crevices.

Get to know the dive sites or ask a local

    There is no harm in asking. Simply head to a local dive shop and get a briefing of the dive sites beforehand. Find out where the ‘secret’ locations are situated, how long it will take to get to them and check whether you have to look in a specific area.

Scuba Diving is just like a treasure hunt. Work with the clues and you shall find what you’re looking for.