Do your underwater images come out too green or too red? Do you find it’s such a struggle to capture a clear image of moving fish life using the automatic settings? Are you comfortable with your buoyancy whilst holding a camera, or do you find yourself sinking (or floating away) every time you stop to take a photo?

For those who struggle with underwater photography, or just want to learn more about the discipline, Diving the Crab’s Digital Underwater Photography Course is the perfect way to improve your skills. We all want to be able to capture those memories as pictures are worth a thousand words, and our course can help you do just that.

During your time, you will learn the following:

  • How to set up your camera before embarking on a dive.
  • Why you should move off of automatic and onto manual mode.
  • Camera settings, and how, and why, to change them.
  • What is White Balance and why you need it underwater?
  • Image composition
  • Perfect buoyancy control

To join this course, you will need to have your own personal digital underwater camera as well as be a certified diver. Previous photography experience is not needed – whether you are professional or a novice, this course works great for all.

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