If you’re not yet familiar with the joys of diving with Nitrox, here’s a beginner’s guide just for you…

What is Nitrox?
Nitrox refers to oxygen-enriched air containing a higher concentration of oxygen than the 21% found in the air we breathe as well as a lower amount of nitrogen.

Why dive with Nitrox?
Nitrox is a major draw for divers as it increases dive times, as more oxygen than nitrogen is inhaled, allowing for longer dives and reducing the risk of decompression sickness. If you’d like to make your time in Kenya’s incredible underwater world even more enjoyable, Nitrox offers just the ticket with the chance to lengthen and enhance your diving experience.

Can I dive with Nitrox at Diving the Crab?

Diving the Crab is the only dive center in Kenya offering Nitrox dives and certification. You can pre-book our PADI specialty course here and get started on the theory at home thanks to PADI’s dedicated E-learning system

What’s more, certified Nitrox divers can use Nitrox free of charge, only at Diving the Crab!